Technical support and services

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Warranty policy

The purchased products within the warranty period, in accordance with product instructions under the normal use of the fault caused by the product itself quality problem, in case no maintenance without authorization, the user can use its warranty policy, with a valid invoice and serial number warranty service. For more information, please visit Snoussi machinery technology Co., Ltd. official website:

  • 1. Warranty Period

    From the date of purchase within one year, in accordance with the product’s manual under normal use, parts broken Except for print head, pump accessories, can be changed with a new free one after returning the damaged parts.
  • 2. During the warranty period, The part will be charged as follows:

    1. Damage and failure caused by not according to the requirements of the products instructions to use, maintenance, storage and so on;
    2. The machine was damaged due to falling and watering after the purchasing;
    3. User repair machine ,decompose machine, clean machine unauthorized;
    4. Damage caused by force majeure;
    5. Out of warranty period products.
  • 3. In the following cases, the company will refuse to provide maintenance services.

    1. the machine had dismantled by any unauthorized person;
    2. no invoice or inconsistent with our company’s products.
  • 4. This product accessories (user manuals, disk, CD-ROM, etc.) and selective items beyond warranty period. Printer consumables are not in warranty period. (ink and ink cartridges, etc.)

  • Note:

    • a) Repairing product may only be carried out by the Company under the guidance of technical staff;
    • b) The longest maintenance period of products: 3 years after product discontinuation. Exceeding this maintenance period, we can also provide maintenance services according to the specific circumstances of the fault.
    • c) 24hours technical support, team-viewer, telephone technical support. Outside warranty products are responsible for providing free online,