Oval Auto screen printer with digital printing unit

Hybrid digital printer for Garment textile,Tshirt cotton hoodie

Infrared dryer fast drying, aluminum honeycomb pallets, independent control panel on all print heads,central control panel with polychromatic PLC touch screen.

1.computer controlling system:Taiwan delta

2.servo motor:Taiwan

3.frequency motor: HC/delta





It's suitable for printing t shirt ,garment, textile, bed sheet, baby clothes, underwear, swim-wear, non-woven fabric, leather, pvc film etc.


1.When the oval printing machine start work, the printing head is still, only the platen rotary so the speed is fast also the high precision and the error is no more than 0.01mm.

2.ensure better printing quality by adopting linear motor

3.improve printing effect be perfect solution-combining screen printing and digital printing system

4.multi printing crafts-high resolution digital printing in one machine

5.low cost ,high efficiency

6.the industrial-grade all-metal printing head

7.repairable print head with using lowest cost

8.super jet power,if the printing head is slightly higher than a specified height requirement ,the print effect is still perfect

9.the printing head with internal circulation system can reduce the printing head blockage