Hot melt powder shaking machine textile transfer printer

New DTG Print tech ------ SMT-DTG 2in1- MV Printer

This equipment is a new generation of digital revolution, to develop a new digital offset stamping process, just print+press,2 steps to get best printing products!

New heat transfer materials, no cutting waste, hollowing breathable color gorgeous, unlimited transfer materials and colors.

Transfer temperature 160-170 degrees,10-15 seconds, cold tear, specific temperature according to different fabrics,fastness up to 4.5.

The printer is equipped with the drying function of the front and rear platforms, the heating function of the front platform of the dusting machine, the electrostatic elimination function and the cooling and rolling function are added, so that the production effect is much perfect condition..  

The SMT-2in1-MV DTG Digital Melt printer was designed for multiple garment prints and fashion panel decoration. A dual 4 color ink system supports a wider variety of ink styles for increased textile direct applications with 3 ink solutions developed specifically for flatbed inkjet printing to textiles. It's flexible.

  Pigment inks for any kind of fabric,cotton, viscose, polyester etc with rich colors. Dye sublimation inks for prints directly to polyester stretchable fabric with increased color gamut. Reactive inks for prints to cotton, silks, wool and more with incredible soft hand and vibrancy.

 The DTG Digital SMT-2in1-MV supports common Roll PE Film up to 700mm. Fabrics and cut piece as well as multiple finished garments capacity up to 10to 18 mPer hour, per day around 300-400Mwith the dual CMYK piezo print head with a minimum 3.5picolitre drop size for incredibly fine detail through to 48 picolitre large ink drops for rapid production with penetration.  2in1- MV Printer Quick Features 

  • Dual CMYK speed+4White
  • IQ Interweave for less banding
  • Pigment, reactive and sublimation ink compatible
  • 5Minutes done a A4 Images
  • 5pcl to 484pcl ink drops
  • Maximum printing Roll size 700mm (27.5")
  • Multiple garment production
  • All steel construction
  • Pressurized ink system
  • Up to 720-1080-1440-2880dpi hi resolution prints
  • Suitable to any kind of Fabric, textile,cotton,etc..


  • Printhead – Piezo 4720- 1440 nozzles,4Color channel
  • Colour- 4 colour Dual CMYK+4 White
  • Print width – 700mm (13" x 24")
  • Drive - Processor driven conveyor
  • Inks - DTG inks - 3 types: Pigment, Reactive, Sublimation
  • Ink Delivery - Bottle – pressurised CYMK+White
  • Operating System - Microsoft® Windows® XP or later, DTG Print Pro
  • Electrical - 110-220VAC/10A, 50-60Hz Consumption: 55W -1KW
  • Physical Dimensions – 830*900*580mm
  • Weight – Powder dryer set 260KG+Printer set 130KG (boxed weight will vary)