SMT PRINT UV flatbed printer successful applications

SMT PRINT | UV flatbed printer successful applications

UV flatbed printer with fast production speed so it appropriate for large batch Personalized production. UV flatbed printer can print on dark appropriate with a special white ink. With the varnish ink technology it can print uv varnish on materials.

1. Digital electronic cover industry

Can be directly in the U disk, mobile phone case, computer case, mobile power shell, a variety of protective cases, leather cases above the jet printing out of their own
Want to print personalized patterns, or even photos, really personalized customized, DIY production.

2. Decoration of building materials

You can choose your own picture in the glass doors, tiles, carpets, curtain walls, partitions, ceilings, boards, cabinets, organic On the medium such as glass plate, can make the building indoor and outdoor fully reveal personal characteristics, set off cultural characteristics.

3. Advertising industry

Scenery, pictorial, promotional materials, etc can be print on glass, wood, PVC, P E, textiles, aluminum plate, organic glass plate, plate, paper board, acrylic board, density board, snow Buddha plate or sheet metal surface, used in advertising, exhibition services, PO signs, reflective signs, signs, acrylic, leather printing, airports, exhibition advertising media spray, etc.

4. Art decoration

Art glass jet painting, wooden crafts, digital video production, tourist souvenir production.

5. Glass industry

UV flat plate printing machine can be directly printed on the glass surface of various patterns, instead of manual painting, to achieve no version, high efficiency, low cost, color The instant processing of rich color and the convenience of operation have saved a lot of time for customers in the glass industry. The use of this equipment has brought considerable economic benefits to manufacturers.

6. Decoration industry

UV plate printer can be in the ceiling, fire plate, aluminum plate, density plate, stone, ceramic, glass and other decorative materials surface Direct printing required patterns, to meet the needs of personalized decoration, building decoration companies bring considerable economic benefits.

7. Signage industry

UV plate printing machine can be in a variety of hard signage material surface directly jet printing patterns, replace screen printing, corrosion, film and other traditional signage workers Art, both reduce the process, reduce the cost, and increase the firmness, is the power sign, traffic sign, safety signs, reflective signs and other manufacturers of the ideal equipment.

8. Fresco, decorative painting and oil painting

UV plate printing machine can be directly on the surface of ceramic, wood products jet printing patterns, instead of manual painting, screen printing and other processes, the product after the late Treatment, wear resistance, water resistance, temperature difference, radiation resistance index meet the requirements, and meet the needs of personalized decoration, to achieve the efficient, low-cost real-time processing process, the emergence of flat jet painting machine, bring murals, decorative painting industry more vitality and artistic expression.

9. Making exhibition boards

UV platform inkjet machine can be in KT board, snow board, organic glass and other advertising board surface direct jet printing required patterns, instead of writing True spray painting and laminating process, and no degumming, no foaming, low cost, time-saving and efficient.

10. Other industries:

T-shirt, leather printing, screen printing industry, reflective sign, indicator, acrylic, plate painting, platform painting, KT board painting, Aluminum plastic plate, gusset plate, light box, light box media, toilet lid, etc.
In the past, the printing of hard board almost all rely on screen printing, transfer printing or adhesive technology, because it can not meet the requirements of customized, small batch The disadvantages of mass production and fast delivery limit the wider application.With the maturity of digital printing technology, UV ink on most of the hard plate have good printing strength, its simple production process, good processing environment and controllable printing standards, has gradually become the tradition