How to use a UV flatbed printer to make a warm home?

Approaching the end of the year, Sax's "home" has aroused the people who are far away from work to feel homesick.

What is home? Home is a house full of love; home is the most beautiful possession of life; home is a place to relax. Tired, bored, hurt, hurt, you can find the space to release at home! If you can, must dress up a warm home!

So, how do you dress up our house? Dressing up is also an unlimited love for your family.

1. create a warm bedroom

After a busy day of work, return home and expect a comfortable rest. 8 hours sleep in the bedroom will determine the quality of your work for second days. Therefore, to create a loving bedroom, the tablet machine can provide you with different styles of wallpaper, ceiling, wardrobe and so on. For your favorite, you create romantic Mediterranean, classical charm, simple charm, bright countryside and other different styles of bedroom.

2. design the memory wall

This is an age of photography. Wherever you go, you'll be full of photos. Come back and design a picture wall. How about that? Let the family lock the time of love! Digital printers print photos, create pictures of love, and keep the good times you've had with your children.

design the memory wall

3. make the background wall

When tired, bored, hurt, the sofa lying down at home, wake up, the decoration of the living room to hit you, bursts of warmth, can let you forget the sad picture. Use the UV printer to customize the wall of your personality and create a cozy harbor. Flick the troubles and sadness, through every corner of life, find the free space in the home.

make the background wall

To do these, a warm and distinctive home is complete. A flatbed printer will not only make your home beautiful, but also be used in many industries, such as decoration, decoration, advertising, building materials, plastics, glass and so on. Today's personalized era, industrial color printing machine can bring business opportunities for all industry owners, and bring benefits!