How does a UV Flatbed printer print a magical 3D floor?

How does a UV Flatbed printer print a magical 3D floor?

3D should not be unfamiliar to all of you. You can print out the house, the car, and the parts. What is the 3D floor that you are talking about today? I want everyone to see a picture with 3D effects, and that's the effect of the 3D floor.

It uses some special materials and techniques to give ordinary 2D images a realistic and stereoscopic effect. 3D flooring was originally only used in public places, because of its realistic three-dimensional and highly personalized visual impact, gradually applied to all walks of life.

UV Flatbed Printer produces 3D floor, can be widely used in home improvement industry, this UV inkjet process is simple, can achieve 3D, relief, hollowing and other effects.

Notes on making 3D flooring:

  1. measurement of length and width;
  2. the manufacture of pictures, according to customer needs, choose or design a personalized pattern, shape and style;
  3. select materials, wood, tiles, marble, according to demand;
  4. material processing, surface coating treatment, to ensure that the spray pattern will not fade;
  5. spray painting, and then on the protective layer, spray the good 3D floor, through the coating machine to protect the light oil, increase the beauty of the appearance of the same time, to maintain the durability of the bottom board.

3D floor on the production of OK, the operation is simple and convenient, more important 3D flooring profits higher!